About Me

Thanks for checking out my blog.  My goal with this blog is to share my thoughts on everything from race relations to technology to my strong Christian faith.  Here is a little bit about my background.

I was born in Greeley Colorado in the late 60s and lived in the small town of LaSalle.  My dad was a college student and then a farmer.  I lived on a farm for a few years until we had to sell our farm.  Farm life wasn’t fun as I remember it.  We then moved to into Greeley proper followed by a move to Houston.  Along the way I lived in an Asthma hospital for about 6 months and learned a lot about life that was far different than that of small town farm life.

I attended college at Trinity University in San Antonio.  There after trying out a few different majors including Psychology and Chemistry I finally settled on Computer Science with a minor in Economics.  While at college I met my wonderful wife and best friend Maria.  We were married after she graduated and started our journey that led us to living with her folks in Lake Jackson Texas to Winchester, Virginia and then finally to our current home in Dallas, Texas.  We have four wonderful children who’s unique stories I will be posting about at some point as a testament to the sovereign perfect plan of God.

From a career perspective I had originally planned to go on and get my Ph.D. in computer science with the goal  of becoming a world class researcher.  I figured out pretty quick that wasn’t going to be the right path for me.  I was beginning to develop a strong entrepreneurial streak as well as a desire to work for my self.  The rigors of many years of academic life wouldn’t have suited me too well.

After college I worked as a developer in a couple of local businesses in San Antonio.  I then took my first big leap of faith.  The tech timeframe was pre-internet and multi-media was all the rage.  You could actually play video, do animation and make sounds with a computer!  I took an opportunity to write a book on multi-media programming with Visual Basic 4.0 (see it here).  We went and lived with my wife’s folks while I wrote the book and she worked at a local bank.

From there I went to work for a printing company in Winchester Virginia.  I had an opportunity to do some leading edge programming for a company that was looking to move into more modern programming.

Thats when everything changed – the Internet happened.  The printing company I was working for started to hear that its publishers (e.g. the Economist, Martha Stewart among, Sports Illustrated among others) were very interested in going “online”.  The owners of the printing company funded a new startup to offer online services to their publishers and I was a founder and head of operations.  During that time we provided web development services for many large publishing customers including Martha Stewart, Reba McEntire, American Diabetes Association, The Arthritis Foundation and many more.  It was a the crazy time off the .com boom.  We eventually sold the business to an investment company who was aggregating their Internet properties.

I then headed back to Texas and to Dallas which was where most of our family was located.  I worked for a couple of years as a Management Consultant working primarily with Jamba Juice and a couple other start ups.  I then founded my current company SiteToolSet.com and have been providing application development and consulting services for clients such as Dell, Sharp Electronics, Global Inventures and many others.

My resume highlights are below.  If you would like to get in touch – please email me at noel@noeljerke.com



Resume Highlights

  • Consultant, Founder, CEO – SiteToolSet.com – 2002 to Present
    • Application development
    • Web site development
  • Principal Consultant – PRTM – 2001 to 2002
    • Management consultant
  • Founder, General Manager – Judd’S Online/SUSQTECH – 1996 to 2001
    • Application development
    • E-Commerce
  • Author – 1995 to Present
    • Authored multiple books and articles on software development, the internet and technology in general

Published Books

  • Building Database Driven Flash Applications, APress – September 2003
  • Microsoft Office Access 2003 Professional Results, McGraw Hill Osborne Media – August 2003
  • .Net E-commerce Developers Guide with ASP, VP and SQL Server, Sybex – June 2002
  • E-Commerce Developers Guide to Building Community with ASP, VP and SQL Server, Sybex – Spring 2001
  • Visual Basic Developers Guide to E-Commerce with ASP and SQL Server, Sybex – Spring 2000
  • Visual Basic – The Complete Reference, Osborne Press – Fall 1998
  • Visual basic 6.0 Client/Server How-To, Waite Group Press – Fall 1998 (co-author)
  • Visual Basic 5.0 Client/Server How-To, Waite Group Press – Spring 1997 (co-author)
  • Visual Basic Script Interactive Course, Waite Group Press – February 1997 (co-author)
  • Visual Basic 4.0 API How-To, Waite Group Press – Spring 1996 (co-author)
  • Visual Basic Multimedia How-To, Waite Group Press – Spring 1995
  • Software Business Magazine – Article on software outsourcing
  • Dallas Fort Worth Tech Biz – Article on web conferencing tools
  • Advisor Publications – Over two dozen articles on topics including e-commerce, e-business, and Internet technologies
  • Ziff Davis Publications – Over a dozen articles on client/server and web development
  • E-commerce World – Article on credit card safety on the web
  • Central Virginia Database Developers Conference – Client/Server development with Visual Basic
  • Construction Writers Association – Publishing on the web Folio, New York – Building web community
  • Florida Magazine Publishers Association – Making money on the web
  • Direct Marketing Association (DMA) – Making money on the web
  • Boston Print Production Managers Club – Building web community
  • Magazine Tech, New York – Building publishing web sites
  • Trinity University – San Antonio TX –
    • Attended 1989 to 1991
    • Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Economics