Robot’s Teaching Humans to Code?

It seems that is the case with a robot called Root (more here and here).  Root works along with a programming environment called Square to engage students starting very young to learn coding concepts in a fun and intuitive fashion.  Its being developed by the Wyss Institute which is part of Harvard.root-002

The interface is based on the very familiar expeirnece users have with apps and tablets.  The cool thing is that it starts out with very simple concepts for early childhood learners and progress to more advanced concepts for older learners.

As of the writing of this blog post, Root and Square were in pre-order status and raising funds via Kickstarter and Backerkit with a July 2017 target launch date.  de4236b3d2d7a441d5558882e915a6ca_original

Another project with similiar goals is Cubetto (read more here).  The goal is a playful programming language you can touch which is ideal for young learners.  Their Kickstarter site indicates its Montesorri learning approved.  They have raised an impressive $1.6 million with 6,500+ backers.  As of November 1st, they started shipping to their backers.

If your interested in getting your young learner started, check out the Osmo Coding Game (here) or the Fisher-Price Think and Learn Code-a-pillar (here).  With the coming robot and artificial intelligence era its going to be critical for our kids to be comfortable working in a STEM environment especially in the areas of programming.


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