Robot Homes: Automation That Helps Take Care of You

A startup company called Brain of Things has envisioned the home of the future–one that takes care of you. The founders have initially targeted three locations in California for the development of what they call “robot homes”. These houses will ‘adapt’ to your lifestyle by tracking your habits and preferences and then lending an assist.

Once your routine has been established, the robot home will execute the commands accordingly. In this video taken at Sonoma, California, they hooked up three houses in the system to demonstrate how a holistic smart house operates.


It can automatically open the curtains at the your usual wake up time and let the morning’s sun lighten up the room. The rooms have motion sensors and the light turns on where it is needed. The appliances are also automated and can be programmed–from having the coffee brewed by the time you need to be in the kitchen, to having a little friendly cleaning device going around the house.

Or, do you constantly forget your keys?  Now there’s no need to worry or hunt for the emergency keys in your potted plant since the robot homes feature a keyless entry system. It can also respond to voice commands and can pull up the your schedule if you’re needed to be reminded. It also senses when you’re away and will send you alerts of whatever is going on inside your house–from plumbing leaks to your pets activities.

Brain of Things explains that since we spend a lot of our time in our houses, their vision is to make the house feel more modern and livable with reduced worries about housekeeping. To founder of Brain of Things, Ashutosh Saxena, programming is passe and the way of the future is machine learning or deep learning. His idea of a smart house was inspired by self-driving cars, which operates on the same concept of probabilistic interpretation.

Saxena can be noted saying in a recent interview , “We spend five percent of our lives in a car, and there’s a huge impact, but we also spend two thirds of our lives in the home. But we can’t automate the home yet because the system doesn’t exist.”

Now the pre-programmed ‘home of the future’ is set on achieving an effortless living at a modern home, affording the owners an extra leisure time as it takes care of the little things that can collectively eat up a huge chunk of time daily, especially those who are always on the go. But as always, this convenience comes with a price, like a higher monthly rent and extra cost for the program upkeep.

However, much like Google’s self-driving car (which has caused an accident for the first time last February since its testing), the robot homes are still a work in progress and it will be a while before the system could be perfected.

There is no 100% guarantee that your robot home will not admit a suspicious delivery guy at your keyless door, or that you won’t lock yourself out while the system suddenly shuts down. Or for that matter your house system wouldn’t be hacked.  But the inevitable march towards automation of all aspects of modern life, the home will surely be a target for many budding entrepreneurs.

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