Brick Laying Robots – Revolution in Building?

Fastbrick Robotics based in Perth Australia is working to bring to market the first commercialized brick laying robot -the Hadrian.  The robot can lay brick for a full house in 2 days where as with human labor your looking at 2 to 3 weeks.


You can see their animation of the brick layer here:


A little perusing of YouTube you can find several videos on prototypes of different brick layers.  One in particular – the SAM100 (see here) seems to be more focused on assisting in the process versus automating it.

The first thought that comes to mind for me is farming.  As a kid I was a farmer.  We utilized all kinds of machines such as tractors and plows etc. in our work that otherwise would have taken significantly more manual labor.  One has to think that the process today of taking months to build a house will be significantly disrupted in the coming decades.  The good news is you will likely be able to get a house or commercial building quicker and cheaper and of higher quality.  The bad news is if your a laborer in the construction business you may not have a job.

From what I could read it appears you can still do fairly custom building layouts that get programmed into the brick layer.  I thought that it might be more cookie cutter but does not appear to be limited to just a few standard floor plans/structures.

The robot revolution is going to be fascinating and a bit scary to watch.

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